Safety Services / Healthy Living

The purpose of Heritage Hill Association is to provide neighbors a way of collectively building a
healthy, historically preserved community in which people can live and work in a secure and
stable environment.

Some of our FREE safety- and security-related services include:

  • For residents and owners, home security assessments
  • For businesses, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) evaluations
  • Helping families to prepare emergency plans
  • Helping neighbors communicate with public entities such as the police, fire, and public works
  • Connecting neighbors to free city services, such as fire safety consults with the GRFD,
    and to resources on landlord-tenant issues, lead safety, and more
  • Periodic emails to residents on public safety issues such as air quality, car and porch
    thefts, fireworks, winter weather safety, and more.
  • Supporting neighbors in building Block Clubs
  • Helping neighbors organize around traffic safety, parking, street-lighting, and other
  • Carrying out neighborhood Public Safety Listening Sessions

Healthy Living In The Hill

Neighborhood Safety

Neighborhood Crime Map