The Heritage Hill Association has many committees that support the residents and community as well as the ongoing operations of the association.If you would like to learn about any volunteer opportunities on the committees, click this link.

Nominating Committee
Activities: Board/Officer Recruitment & Elections
Suzanne De Haan, Chair

Finance Committee
Activities: Budget Planning, Contracts, Policy
Treasurer – Carolyn Ferrari, Chair
Bryan Cody
Denise Cook
Jim Talen *
Christine Truesdale *
Steve Yared *

Fundraising Committee
Activities: Home Tour, Garden Tour, Walking Tours, Pledge Drive
Barbara Draughon, Chair
Home Tour – Suzanne De Haan, Chair
Garden Tour – Kate Diedrich *, Chair
Denise Cook
Liz Hoonhorst

Community Engagement Committee
Activities: Leadership Building, Neighborhood Survey / Volunteer Recruitment, Public Safety, Annual Picnic, Crime Prevention / Public Health, Community Building, Holiday Potluck, Happy Hours, Theater in the Parks
Carolyn Ferrari, Chair
Denise Cook
Jeffrey Fawcett
Liz Hoonhorst
Abi Larimer

Land Use Committee
Activities: Zoning, Preservation, Parks, Housing, Traffic and Parking
Matthew Smith, Chair
Wayne Norlin
Wesley Beck *
Rowan Brady *
Jeremy Czubko
Suzanne De Haan
Jay Fowler *
Liz Hoonhorst
Jim Payne *

AD HOC Committees

Technology Committee
Chair, Jeremy Czubko
Liz Hoonhorst
Lisa McManus *

* Non-board member

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