North: Northern property lines of Crescent.
South: Southern property line of Pleasant SE.
East: Eastern property lines of Union Avenue.
West: West property lines of Lafayette. Includes a jog on Jefferson Avenue between State and Fulton Streets.

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Central Reformed Church - 1990 Tour
Built: 1890
Style: American Craftsman
Lewis House - 1970 Tour, 1974 Tour, 1986 Tour, Walking Tour
Built: 1876
Style: Classic Revival/Craftsman
Lowe/Idema House - 1973 Tour, Walking Tour
Built: 1895
Style: Chateauesque (English)
1999 Tour
Built: 1876
Style: Victorian
Built: 1922
Style: Dutch Colonial Revival
Built: 1875 circa
Style: Vernacular Farmhouse
Perkins/Hutchins House - 1969 Tour, 1974 Tour, 1991 Tour, Walking Tour
Built: 1881
Style: Eastlake/Italianate
Voigt House - 1986 Tour, 2005 Tour, Walking Tour
Built: 1895
Style: Queen Anne/Chateau
Built: 1890
Style: Shingle/Craftsman
2002 Tour
Built: 1897
Style: Georgian Revival