jeremy September 28, 2024

HH Annual Dumpster Day

Do you have large items that you need to dispose of, which won’t fit into normal garbage or recycling collection? Dumpster Day is your annual opportunity to dispose of them free-of-charge. The basic rules of Dumpster Day are below, and details – including the available RECYCLING opportunities such as metal, cardboard and styrofoam – will be updated as the date nears. Neighborhood Dumpster Cleanup


  • DO have identification to show that you live in the cleanup area (Ex. Driver License, utility bill or vehicle registration)
  • DO arrive early to ensure that all items can be collected
  • DO be prepared to unload your trash.Neighborhood Associations are encouraged to provide volunteers for those who need assistance
  • DO make sure that major appliances are properly prepared FREON FREE(Refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, air conditioners and dehumidifiers…etc.)
  • DO NOT place your refuse at the curb. You must bring it to the collection site
  • DO NOT publicize this beyond your neighborhood area
  • DO NOT bring yard waste, sod, broken concrete, or asphalt
  • DO NOT bring hazardous materials such as tires, oil, gas, paint, hot ashes,or household/garden chemicals
  • DO NOT bring electronics such as televisions, computers, monitors,printers, cell phones, etc.
Event Date:
Start at: 8:00 AM
September 28, 2024
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Central Reformed Church
10 College Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503