The Neighborhood Improvement Program addresses quality of life issues. Its purpose is to generate resident involvement and leadership to preserve, protect, and maintain the residential nature of Heritage Hill; to resolve issues of concern; and build upon neighborhood strengths that improve the quality of life in the neighborhood. Issues commonly include land-use conflicts, parking struggles, noise/nuisance complaints, litter, graffiti and institutional expansion. Additional components consist of educating, referring and assisting residents with available City services and community resources and re-evaluating needs identified in the Master Plan of Heritage Hill. Like the Neighborhood Safety program, this program is partially funded by the federal Community Development Block Grant funds that the City of Grand Rapids awards to community organizations.

For repair & access services, housing counseling and homeowner self-help services:

Home Repair Services strengthens vulnerable Kent County homeowners because strong homeowners build strong communities.

Dispute Resolution Center can help people solve their differences peacefully and constructively, using the services of a trained mediator. This mediator brings both parties together for discussion, and together they create their own solution to the problem. They can help in nearly any type of situation, including landlord-tenant disputes, educational issues, parenting disputes, employee grievances, disagreements between neighbors, small claims issues, and many more.

1988 Master Plan (pdf)

2005 Master Plan Supplement (pdf)